Data-driven INSURANCE
    for the MOBILITY
of the FUTURE

The sharing economy is like no other. Unique ways to provide services introduce the challenge of providing accurate insurance. Connected Insurance uses hundreds of data points to identify risk on a granular level. No more hefty annual premiums based on old risk models. With us, you get real-time, data-driven, AI-powered risk classifications that show you exactly what your exposure is for every transaction.

We call it

transparent insurance

insurance like you've never seen before

Transform the way you see and use insurance by leveraging transactional and data-rich risk models designed to lower costs, offer client-relevant coverage, and access greater insights for data-driven decision-making.

Accurate Fleet Liability

Accurate Personal accidents

Tailored Rider liability

Personal Cyber insurance

Instant Travel insurance

Digital Platforms

Manage risk, lower costs, and identify the most profitable path for your business.


Design data-driven and bespoke insurance products for the sharing economy.


Create stronger, more attractive, and highly competitive products.


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Want Usage-based,
risk-driven insurance?

Uncover your true risk exposure by scheduling a call with us. We’ll show you how implementing our powerful AI, data-driven, augmented underwriting engines can transform insurance from inaccurate and blurry into real-time and precise.