Data-driven INSURANCE
    for the MOBILITY
of the FUTURE

Connected Insurance is leading the digital revolution in the mobility space. 

We specialize in developing innovative, data-driven insurance and risk management solutions for the
dynamic DIGITAL Mobility market. With the advent of Mobility-As-A-Service, connected fleets, smart vehicles, and autonomous vehicles, our cutting-edge technology is designed to empower accurate risk prediction, pricing determination, and seamless integration of insurance into every facet of the connected mobility ecosystem

transparent insurance


What sets us apart is our unique approach to risk assessment. Through our pioneering unsupervised learning algorithms, we have mastered the art of analyzing risk at a granular level, uncovering patterns that may deviate from commonly expected outcomes. Our algorithms are built upon transparent and state-of-the-art machine learning techniques that have proven their effectiveness in the cyber and financial sectors, enabling us to identify unusual events or behaviors indicative of fraudulent activity or security breaches.

Accurate Fleet Liability

Accurate Personal accidents

Tailored Rider liability

Personal Cyber insurance

Instant Travel insurance

As the Mobility-As-A-Service space continues to rapidly evolve and embrace digital transformation, our anomaly detection approach has become increasingly vital. At Connected Insurance, we recognize the emerging needs of the industry and are dedicated to providing solutions that address the challenges of this evolving landscape.

Digital Platforms

Manage risk, lower costs, and identify the most profitable path for your business.


Design data-driven and bespoke insurance products for the sharing economy.


Create stronger, more attractive, and highly competitive products.


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